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Lake Yard Moorings

Secure. Sheltered. Serene. Sorted.

Secure. Sheltered.
Serene. Sorted.

Lake Yard’s deep water swinging Moorings are secure, sheltered and can accommodate boats of varying sizes and keel depth. They are perfectly located for exploring Poole Harbour and beyond. And of course don’t forget that view!

Lake Yard Moorings
Lake Yard Moorings
Lake Yard Moorings
Lake Yard Moorings

Just outside the entrance to the Marina, Lake Yard has 99 deep water swinging moorings which we rent for the summer sailing season. The moorings are set either side of the Wareham Channel, in a sheltered area of deepwater between the Arne Peninsula and Lake Yard marina. We have been operating these moorings since the 1970s and we lift, inspect and service every mooring every year to ensure they are in tip top condition.

Our moorings are laid in trots, using heavy ground chain and high quality riser chain. A mooring buoy is attached to the top of the riser chain, with a numbered pick-up buoy attached by rope to the mooring buoy. Simply use a boat hook to grab the pick-up buoy and then attaching lines or strops to the top of the mooring buoy chain. The moorings are graded into ‘blocks’ to help identify them.

Lake Yard Taxi Launch

Lake Yard operates a water taxi to its swinging moorings seven days a week. The launch is operated by our Yard Team Monday to Friday (for a nominal fee) and our experienced Bosun Noel Lilley runs the launch weekends and bank holidays.

Visitor berths & moorings are usually available with a launch service to and from the club but always contact the office or Bosun Noel before berthing/mooring. During busy times our moorings/berths may look empty but most are assigned to customers who require constant access. Unless it’s an absolute emergency, please make contact before securing your vessel.

Launch, Berthing & Mooring Enquiries
Office: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm: 01202 674531

Noel can be contacted from 2pm on Fridays and from 9am to dusk on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays:
VHF Channel 37 / Mobile: 07791 836524

The Lake Yard Taxi Launch heading out to the moorings

Moorings Price List 

Swinging Mooring Layout

Swinging Moorings

Length Overall LOAA, B & C BlockD Block

Visitor Swinging Moorings

Length Overall LOAPer DayPer Week
Up to 8m£15.00£70.00
Up to 10m£20.00£95.00
Up to 12m£25.00£120.00
Up to 15m£30.00£140.00

All prices include VAT, Facility Charge and Weekend Launch Service.
All prices are exclusive of Crown Estates Levy and Poole Harbour Commission Harbour Dues.
The company does not issue refunds for part used periods in the Dock or Moorings.
No sub-letting allowed.