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Lake Yard Larder - Grocery Delivery & Takeaway Service

Lake Yard Larder

In response to the Covid-19 restrictions, we have introduced the Lake Yard Larder which offers you a food collection & delivery service.* We really want to keep you all safe and healthy so if we can minimise your contact with others we really hope this will help.

How to place your order

  1. Click to view or download the relevant order form.

  2. Make your choices.

  3. Fill in the form with your name, address and most importantly YOUR PHONE NUMBER and submit your requests by email to or by calling 01202 676953.

  4. Payment can be made by credit card over the phone or we can take payment directly from your Lake Yard Member’s Account.

Orders submitted before 9pm will be delivered to us the following morning. We can then sort your order and call you to collect when your order is ready.

*Delivery service is dependent on location and demand; please call the club to check current status. We will endeavour to ensure that delivery will be contactless.

If you would like to support Lake Yard during this time, you can also purchase a Voucher for either yourself or as a gift to be redeemed at a later date. As a special incentive we are offering an additional £10 wine voucher with every voucher sold.

Grocery Deliveries

Out staple list of grocery items has expanded over the weeks and our delivery service has now become a veritable Ocado-by-the-Sea! You can order Meat and Poultry as well as fresh-caught fish and seafood. Dairy, bakery products, frozen goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit & nuts: you name it we’ve got it. Our dry store range provides an extensive list of cupboard-fillers, including tinned goods, pasta, rice, flour, sugar and tea bags.

For the budding Nigellas and Jamies amongst you we’ve got a range of dried herbs and spices to cover every continent and taste. You want ice cream? We’ve got the best Purbeck Ice Cream in a range of mouth-watering flavours. We’ve even catered for those evenings when you just like to veg in front of the telly with snacks, crisps, biscuits and soft drinks. And we’ve got non-food items like cling film, dishwasher tablets, freezer bags and, yes, the holy grail that is toilet roll!

Lake Yard Larder - Spaghetti
Lake Yard Larder - Toilet Roll
Lake Yard Larder - Tomatoes
Lake Yard Larder - Fresh Meat
Lake Yard Larder - Fresh Fish
Lake Yard Larder - Fresh Meat

Have a Butchers

Each week we will also be offering our Butchers Specials, where you can order some quality meat from our local suppliers. Whether you fancy a juicy steak or some delicious lamb chops, each week we will be offering different good quality, fresh produce for you and your family to cook at home. 

As the season, weather and tides allow, we’ll also be offering some fantastic fresh-caught fish and seafood straight from the sea. Bass, bream, mullet and flounder even will be available, filleted and ready to go. We’ll even have whole cooked lobster available for those really special evenings in (even if all our evenings are ‘in’ at the moment).

Supporting Each Other

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to support Lake Yard Club we also have a gift voucher system in place. You can call up and purchase a gift voucher to be redeemed when all has returned to normal. This is one way that Lake Yard can keep operating under the current circumstances.

As a special incentive, we would also like to offer anyone purchasing one of our gift vouchers an additional voucher which gives them £10 off a bottle wine as a gift from us for your support.

Call Seonagh on 01202 676953 to find out more.

We continue welcoming your calls, emails and any queries you may have. Our friendly team are free to listen and help you in whatever way we can. As ever, we are sending well wishes to you and your family and hoping this current storm passes quickly.