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Valentine’s Night

Lake Yard

Hook the heart of your dreams with a romantic evening to remember at the Lake Yard Valentine’s Night on Friday February 14th from 6pm.

Lake Yard Valentine's Night with Live Music from The Rock & Blues Company
Lake Yard Valentine’s Night with Live Music from The Rock & Blues Company

Remember last year when you told yourself that you’d do something really special for the love of your life on Valentine’s Day? No more staring vacantly into each other’s mobile phones, no more trying to guess whether the starter is supposed to look like a swan or a sealion with rickets and no more whispered ‘I love you’s in case you make the couple on the next table feel awkward.

There’s really only one place to be on Valentine’s Night this year and that’s at Lake Yard. Romantic shoreside setting? Tick! Intimate but relaxed ambience? Tick! Spectacularly sexy food? Tick! Bubbles that tickle all the way down from your nose to your toes? Tick tick tick!

With tables available all evening and live music from The Rock & Blues Company from 9pm to take the vibe from warm to scorching, you and your lover will have an evening to remember.

Please call 01202 676953 or email for more details and to book.