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Saul’s Questionable Quiz

Lake Yard

Saul’s Questionable Quiz Nights take place on the first Tuesday of every month in the Deck Room at Lake Yard.

We all miss his big hairy chops and hilarity behind the bar since he left Lake Yard but the the legend that is Saul Bunn is back on the first Tuesday of the month to entertain us with Saul’s Questionable Quiz. More Task Master than Mastermind, Saul will be your beyond-reproachable host. It costs £2 per person to enter the fray and the quiz will run in the Deck Room at Lake Yard on a small scale to start off with so booking is essential.

Questionable Quiz Dates:
Tuesday 7th November 2023
Tuesday 5th December 2023
Tuesday 9th January 2024
Tuesday 6th February 2024

*Bar snacks menu will be available to order from on the evening

To book your place and to reserve a table, please contact one of the Lake Yard team on 01202 676953 or email for more details.