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Quiz Night November

Lake Yard

If you have a photographic memory for trivia and and a love of the obscure bordering on the sociopathic, then get yourself along to our Quiz Night at Lake Yard on Tuesday 29th January from 7.00pm.

How many countries make up Great Britain? Name the world’s largest desert? How many months have 28 days in them?

Taking place every last Tuesday of the month, the Lake Yard Quiz Night is a great chance to pit yourself against some of the most competitive minds this side of Wareham as well as to meet some new people and learn some more ‘stuff’.

The evening costs £8.50 and includes entry to the quiz and supper. Please call 01202 676953 or email for more details or to book.

And, just so you can impress your work colleagues, the answers are three, Antarctica and twelve (all of them have 28 days in them).