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Mother’s Day

Lake Yard

Treat your dear mum to a fizztastic day by the sea at Lake Yard on Mother’s Day, Sunday March 22nd. You know she’s worth it: she’s had to put up with you all these years.

Celebrate Mother's Day at Lake Yard March 22 2020

You know she’s been a great mother due in equal parts to her sense of humour, her patience and her penchant for daytime drinking. And even though you were slightly disappointed when you asked what she’d like for Mother’s Day and she replied “An escape route”, you’re still duty bound to help her relax, put her feet up and have a day off (just like dad does every day). So this year, instead of taking her on her weekly trip to Bargain Booze, why not do something special and book a table at Lake Yard for Mother’s Day?

We’ve got the mother of all menus prepared to treat her like a queen and every mum will be welcomed with a reliable glass of Prosecco. She can sit in the warm and comfortable surroundings of the Club & Restaurant and look out at the beautiful view of the harbour while she thinks back on all the years of bringing up her kids and sobs gently into her Dubonnet and lemonade.

To reserve your table for lunch or dinner please call the club on 01202 676953 or email