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Lake Yard Goes Vintage

Lake Yard

As we officially celebrate the coronation of our new Sovereign, King Charles III, join us as Lake Yard Goes Vintage on Saturday May 6th from 3pm to 7pm with live music, dancing and classic cars.

Evoke the spirit of togetherness and comradeship of Britain as we celebrate the glories, fashion and music of bygone Britain. Ladies: dust down those A-line skirts and twinsets and style the pumps, finger waves and victory rolls. Gents: break out the Brylcreem, don those zoot suits and fedoras and brush those brogues.

It’s set to be a fabulous, fun day with al fresco (weather permitting) vintage music and dancing and a selection of Classic Cars from the South Coast Cruisers. The restaurant and bar will be open as usual so book a table with friends, chat about the fall in the gold standard and smoke pipes and filterless ciggies just like the old days!

The full Coronation ceremony will be televised in the Club so come and join us on Saturday the 6th of May.