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Lake Yard Boatyard

Always a Safe Pair of Hands

Lake Yard is a fully equipped working boatyard crewed by skilled and experienced mariners and we offer the full range of services for crafts of all sizes.

As you would expect from a marina dock that originally built MoD craft and bespoke motor cruisers back in the 30s, Lake Yard is a fully equipped working boatyard. It offers the complete range of marine services, including pressure washing, antifouling, polishing and the replacement of anodes. 

Our 50 ton Roodberg mobile hoist facilitates easy lifting in and out of the marina for storage, maintenance and anti-fouling. The hoist can lift boats up to 22 metres in length and we are regularly used by both Sunseeker International and Greenslades Pleasure Boats. Our static dockside crane is used for lifting sports boats and trailer boats up to 1 tonne and 5 metres in length. We also use it for ‘mast assists’: helping people lift their masts into position and taking masts down.

Lake Yard Boatyard Boat Hoist
Lake Yard Boatyard Boat Hoist
Lake Yard Boatyard Anti-fouling
Lake Yard Boatyard Boat Hoist

Boatyard Facilities

  • 50 Tonne Roodberg Mobile Boat Hoist
  • Static Dockside Crane
  • Pressure washing
  • Anti-fouling
  • Washing & Polishing
  • Anode Replacement
  • Onsite Engineer
  • Mercury & Yamaha Specialist
  • Blocking off & Winter Storage
  • Electricity & water
Yamaha Outboards at Lake Yard

Boat maintenance

We can undertake all manner of maintenance on your vessel, including minor hull repairs, servicing and mechanical maintenance. Our friendly and experienced onsite engineer specialises in Mercury & Yamaha outboards and provides advice and practical help with all things mechanical. In fact, there are always knowledgeable and seasoned sailors and engineers working on or visiting the boatyard and they are only too keen to offer encouragement and some hands-on assistance.  

Mercury Outboards
Yamaha Outboards

Winter Storage

During the cold and windy winter months, many boat owners like to ‘lay up’ their boats on hard standing. We have a limited amount of Winter Storage space available with priority given to our existing marina and moorings customers.

Benefits of laying up over winter with us are:

  • Secure, convenient location
  • CCTV coverage
  • Yardsmen and Engineers on site
  • Car Parking
  • Boat Lifting
  • Restaurant & Bar (including free Wi-Fi)

The Winter Storage rate is available from 1st November until 31st March with a minimum commitment of 22 weeks.

Lake Yard Winter Storage

Boatyard Price List 

April 1 2024 to March 31 2025

Boat Movements & Lifting

Roodberg 50 Tonnes Mobile Boat Hoist

Rates per metreUp to 13m13-20m
Lift In£15.55£21.20
Lift Out£15.55£21.20
Lift off Transport£15.55£21.20
Lift on Transport (max 1 hour)£18.45£23.95
Lift, Hold in Slings & Re-launch (max 1 hour)£21.20£26.25
Lift, Hold, Pressure Wash & Immediate Launch£23.50£27.00
Rates per hourUp to 13m13-20m
Extended period in slings£86.00£86.00

Minimum Lift Charge £132 (inc.VAT).
Surcharge may be applied to craft over 20 tonnes subject to docking plan.

Dockside Crane

For trailer boats & sports boats up to 1 tonne / 5 metres

Lift In£132.00
Lift Out£132.00
Mast Assist£132.00
Lift, Hold & Re-launch (max 1 hour)£160.00
Yard Crane for Engine Lifts (per hour)£160.00

Antifouling & Anodes

Labour CostPer Metre
1 Coat Antifoul£18.70
2 Coats Antifoul£25.75
Preparation + 1 x Coat Primer + 2 x Coats Antifoul£52.50

Antifoul charged at RRP at time of booking. Please advise type & colour at time of booking. Customers welcome to supply own antifoul. 50% Discount on storage if Lake Yard Boatyard carries out antifouling on any craft during time ashore. Anodes charged at RRP at time of booking

Additional Services

Rates per MetreUp to 20m
Pressure Wash£6.95
Scrape Hull (heavily fouled boats)£10.20
Block off in Yard - Motor£7.15
Block off in Yard - Sail£10.40
Tow (drive from/to Moriconium/Mooring only)£7.55
Short term storage in yard (per metre per day)£2.65
Washing & PolishingPOA


Annual rate
Annual rate
Dinghy Rack (Marina/Mooring customers only).
Inflatable tenders up to 3m only. For rigid hull tenders please contact the office.
Dock/Mooring Customers only
Storage of Empty TrailersPOA

50% Discount on storage if Lake Yard Boatyard carries out antifouling on any craft during time ashore.

Yard Labour

LabourPer man per Hour
Yard hand£55.00

Taxi Launch

Midweek Launch Service
Single Trip£8.00
Booklet: 6 x Trips£28.00


Metered Lead (per purchase)£175.00
Electricity (usage per unit)£0.47
Visitor Electricity (per day)£7.80